Weird yet valuable horse memes

im gonna sleep

oh my god oh my god oh my god #molestia

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the only pet id ever want is like one of those domesticated foxes from a while back probably. pets seem like a lot of work though

where i used to live there were cougars and moose and shit like that, it was kinda scary but also neat. i feel u though there’s nothing interesting here either

all there is around here is people its so… boring. i dont see a lot of animals outside of the zoo and zoos are so boring. things are boring

hey i have a question about being otherkin because i think i might be a spotted hyena otherkin but at the same time im not sure? like some days i feel very hyena and then the next day i feel very human and other days i feel inbetween is that normal for being otherkin or is it like an otherkin equivalent of genderfluidity

im not extremely into Otherkin Zones myself but it’s possible? like if you feel it then there’s a reason for it and if that’s “otherkinfluid” or whatever equivalent then that’s probably legit. i wouldn’t call it “otherkinfluid” though cause thats weird sounding

theres like no cool wild life around here it actually kinda sucks



Zao fox village - Japan


in an effort to be more inclusive of different bodies I suggest we stop considering “real sex” to be penetrative sex and start considering it to be the moment the fursuit is introduced