Weird yet valuable horse memes

so how long before someone makes a furry anti-burn blog? i see that as something that could happen

honestly just ignore this blog and it will go away. pretty simple.

your fursona isnt tacky its just like a normal fursona

i daresay my fursona is better than “normal” but i wouldnt want this blog to make fun of me for having an ego :/

oh yeah and they called my fursona tacky but that’s just flat out wrong

thats so boring like honestly you cant even come up with good stuff to make fun of me for? im whiny? i use my blog to talk about my life? that’s all u got?


Avanna Rules Tumblr

What's so wrong about caz and kait?


all they do is bitch and whine about stuff and they seem like they got bullied at school so they make up for it on here

im laughing so hard what the fuck

im laughing so hard what the fuck

Kait foxdear and Caz petpup have the best fursonas I've ever seen and Caz's art style is incredible. He's my favorite artist on tumblr.


they are what is wrong with the furry community and their fursonas look tacky and shitty

this isn’t testimonials tag material, sorry.


God, fucking LOOK AT THIS. Jesus, This is proof reverse racism and sexism exists, Fucking idiots like this. Look a this shit and then look me in the fucking eyes and tell me its not real. Holy fucking shit.